Eyelash Extensions & Makeup

Eyelash extensions require a $50 non-refundable deposit

Eyelash Extensions

(Full sets require a $50 non refundable deposit)

Full Set

Upper lashes only

Starting at $170

Lash Fill

2 week fill $47

4 week fill $77

Starting at $65

24 Hour Strip Lashes



(Jane Iredale Cosmetics)

Full Makeup Lesson

Starting at $55

Special Occasion Makeup


Includes strip lashes

Airbrush makeup

Starting at $80

Special Occasion Makeup

Non Wedding

Starting at $65

Eyelash Extensions

Our professional lash stylist applies a single extension to a single natural lash, one by one, one to two millimeters from the base to the follicle. The extensions are individual lashes that vary in different sizes, curls, thicknesses, weights, and lengths. The extensions hug the natural lash hair and then grows out with the natural lash. As lashes shed, fills are done every 3 to 6 weeks depending on the type of extension. Fills also depend on the client. A client sheds about 25 percent of her lashes every 2 weeks. And if you choose not to do a fill the extensions should last about 8 weeks before they are all completely gone. The extensions are intended to be permanent, until the lash falls out.